So here I am sitting at my kitchen table, looking around at all the boxes that have been packed, the ones I’ve been tripping over for months now. Yes we are on the move, not far tho! We are staying local and moving into somewhere slightly larger as we have been here for over 10 years now and with 2 kids, 2 cats and my wedding stuff and the Hubby’s work stuff, the house is feeling cramped to say the least! I thought it was a good idea at the time, however that was over 8 months ago! and we are still here.

So with the move pending I’ve been feeling quite anxious, as a typical Aries we don’t tend to do change that well!! Actually we don’t do change at all. I was also informed by my employer that the job I’ve been doing for 5 years is now going to be a ‘deleted post’ why they can’t just say redundant is beyond me! So yes I’m facing to major changes in one hit!

I am a working mum, I’ve been doing 25 hours a week running community events and both business and community projects and thoroughly enjoyed my job. However this has been on the cards since my return form maternity leave in January 2017.

So that is why I have decided to write this blog as a Mumprenure I have the decision now to take my career to the next stage. I could get another part time job but that’s not going to feed my appetite or ambition. So is now the right time to do something for me and my family – Yes! However taking the jump is hard, when the easy option is tempting and like most young(ish) families I need to make sure I’m bringing a wage home. We don’t have luxuries or fancy holidays, we have the odd treat, fill the car up, put food on the table and pay for the kids social activities, but we do get by, because that’s what we are supposed to do. So yes I’m anxious that I may not fill that gap, but I also know that the way I’ve been treated by my employer gives me fire in the belly to succeed as this is the second time I’m facing the dreaded ‘R’.

So here is some background… Champink started as a hobby in 2011 with a passion and flare to organising events and parties and hey I’m actually good at it. I have a passion for the industry and a creative mind and can walk into an empty room and visualise the potential and see the dream that my clients expect and i work hard to deliver that. Whilst my background is in corporate planning and sales my twin sister was a wedding planning for a long time and it only seemed appropriate to join forces and Champink was born!

We have been doing corporate events, parties, gala events etc plus also some Children parties but we have also been fulfilling many wedding dreams. We work within m small to big scale budgets. With clients who like to do the planning themselves but needed help to get started. Others wanting the whole shabang! And others just wanted the last few weeks and on the day to be managed and cared for and for the day to be overseen and run smoothly and stress-free.

We started to decorate venues after many requests and used recommended suppliers to assist it supply. We brought a vintage sweet cart and wishing well which is hired out and also started to dabble in table centrepieces. But now is time for Champink to stop being a hobby and move into the next chapter…..

Covering the local counties from Beds, Bucks and Herts including Oxon and Northants. Suppliers who provide products, services and venues to the wedding and events industry will be featured. In addition we will be offering a full review on their services which will be shared across all social media channels with the option to be part of our monthly blog which will also be shared with key wedding/event industry specialists. We feel their is a market for this, working within the local counties and with so many small to large suppliers that are out there we want to be a platform to showcase them and a base for new clients to find them!

So with this new directory and our wedding and event planning I’m hoping that mummy here can pull it out of the bag! Yes I’m scared but I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t passionate and had the the love of the industry. I’m looking forward to the journey and meeting so many new people and making sure their business and products are featured and you never know I may be the one planning the next function you are at….. watch this space!

And well done to all the mummy’s (and daddy’s) our there working hard to do the best for their families and taking risks.

Thank you for reading and hope you will follow our journey as we expand and take our next steps.
Please do send any questions or queries to us or to find out details of our package, or if you simply want to introduce yourself to us here at Champink HQ we hope to be working with many of you in the near future xx.

“Our aim is to create each event personal to you and introduce your ideas and personalities to create your perfect day”.

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I am a working mum to two special little people. I built on a business idea back in 2011 and now deliver weddings and events working within the local counties. I am also expanding into supplier recommendations and reviews giving those who supply products, services and venues to the wedding or events industry.