So, many congratulations on taking the next step in your relationship, you have popped the big question, they’ve said yes! and you and your other half are on cloud 9! However, nothing will prepare you for the journey ahead of you! From wedding fayres, to picking suits, to making sure your great Aunt isn’t sitting anywhere near good old uncle Bob on the table plan, to going through the emotions because the photographer hasn’t rung you back within 24 hours! So stop, breath and don’t panic. Stay positive and more importantly gain those extra pre-married life brownie points which you may need to cash in at some point into your early married life.

Here is some advice to help get you prepped for the big day.

1/ Pick a reliable best man! Your to do list is going to be growing by the day, like every super hero they need a side kick who will be there every step of the way and someone you can delegate jobs to, who won’t leave you naked and wrapped around a lamppost on the stag do, but who has a sense of style, humour and hands on attitude and who won’t leave your family gasping in shock during the speeches. Even more importantly choose someone who you can lean on and who you trust to support and advise you.

2/ Be supportive and be willing to compromise. The average wedding can take between 250-300+ hours to plan, which is like taking on a second job! It can also over-whelming, emotional and hard work, so it important you still have your say, as its your big day too but be open to suggestions and input your ideas. Just do everything you can do be helpful and supportive and try to destress any issues.

3/ Don’t get blotto the night before! there is nothing worse than having a groom turning up with a hangover or smelling of booze. By all means have a few drinks if you wish and if it helps you to relax but do try to get an early night – you’re going to need it! Think of what else you can do to relax, maybe catch a movie! have a good work out at the gym, play game of golf or have a good meal with the groomsmen – you will be thankful you did the next day.

4/ Set an alarm! you don’t want to be stressed or rushing in the morning, you want to feel energised and excited so don’t get up late. Ask the best man to set a second alarm and make sure you get up and have plenty of time to get dressed and to get the altar on time! Have a good breakfast, you don’t want that tummy rumbling during the ceremony, so get fuelled up for the day, as you may not get a chance to eat for a long time.

5/ Read your vows and speech! read them again, and again! it is your special day and you will be the first to kick start the speeches. Remember to thank your new in-laws, thank your best man, think why you made him your best man in the first place. Be natural, be yourself and don’t over think it. Also toast the bridesmaids and say somethings special to your new wife or husband as they are the reason you are there and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Keep it short and sweet but try not to forget anyone, so be prepared.

6/ Create a checklist, even if you’re not one for lists. The morning before the wedding will fly by so quick and you won’t be able to remember everything. Include things like an over-night bag, cufflinks, belt, socks (matching!), ties, rings, suits, speech, money. Have a list that includes everything no matter how small or irrelevant you may think it is. Pop it in the back pocket and get the best man on board. Also Make sure your clothes and shoes fit a few days before and get your groomsmen to do the same!

7/ Planning is key no matter how much involvement you have had. So, time your journey to and from the venue, check for road works or any events that may cause you to have a delay! Check all your routes as you cannot be late! Also if your planning on giving your other half a gift on the morning of the wedding, make sure you give it to someone who will be with them. Cards, poems, music, jewellery, or something engraved are some nice ideas. If you are giving jewellery make they haven’t already planned on wearing something similar, like a family heirloom or they may have already splashed out on something specific to wear. Why not try some lingerie for the wedding night or the honeymoon. This will earn you lots of brownie points! However, any surprises you have planned make sure is ready in advance.

8/ Self-grooming is a must as this is the biggest day of your life, with lots of people talking to you and taking your picture. Before shaving open your pours up with a hot steam shower or bath this will stop any shaving rash. Have clean nails (treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, trust me you will love it!). Don’t leave having a haircut to the day before. My husband decided to try a new salon the day before and they turned his hair orange! When I met him at the alter the first thing i said to him was ‘what have you done to your hair!’ as you can imagine we have a lot of black and white wedding photos now. In addition, he had to swap shirts with his dad during the reception due to a fake tan disaster!! Pre-plan your grooming regime!

9/ Don’t even suggest inviting any ex’s to your wedding – I think that’s enough said about that.

10/ Finally don’t sweat the small stuff, today you are creating magical and timeless memories surrounded by people you love as you start a new chapter in your life. The day will flash by so quick so the biggest tip is to take a moment with your newlywed and take it all in and have some one on one time during the day and just enjoy it!

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